The Sad World We Live In.

I see the news around the world of late, and I feel sad, disgusted, horrified, embarrassed, and ashamed. Ashamed to be human. The leaders of the world and human beings behaving in such a shameful manner should take a long hard look at themselves. This is not how a supposed civilised world is meant to be. Have we learned nothing from our past mistakes? Thousands of years of history is full of them. Millions of people have lost their lives, putting themselves in the line of fire to protect the very values that are slowly becoming extinct. Respect, discipline, love and care, among many others, are diminishing in front of our eyes. They are being replaced by anger, hatred, violence, selfishness, and destruction on an inconceivable scale.


Were we not created equal? Is one human that much better and deserving than another? Should we honestly be sacrificing the lives of people on the planet to make our own lives that little bit richer? What is the point of the so-called mightiest countries on earth continuing to spend the majority of their money on strength and arms instead of helping those in crisis? When it comes down to it, we all know the reality in the long-term. There will be nothing left to fight for. If one country builds a big gun, another country will attempt to build a bigger one, and so on. A futile argument of one ridiculous person convincing a country to be afraid of another. Instead, they should be sitting down, trying to work out how they can come together to help the people and countries less fortunate around the globe, and there are plenty of them.


In this day and age, every person on the planet should have a safe home to live in, in a safe place. Not one they are forced out of because one religion doesn’t like the other, or one colour of a person doesn’t like the look of another. A home that might burn down because somebody cut corners on building materials or making a household appliance. If an area of any country is destroyed by natural causes, then surely that is where the money and help should be going. Not one single person should be living on the streets of wherever. People should be able to travel to work, go on holiday, go to the cinema or to a concert without living in fear of a bomb, gun, or knife attack. Parents should be able to send their children to school without worrying if today is the day their child won’t be coming home because somebody can so easily get hold of a gun or some other deadly weapon.


Everything is just so wrong with the world. But don’t worry, our leaders will have their many voting polls and go on their expensive holidays, live in their big houses, have 24-hour protection and tell us we will not give in. We will not be beaten by terrorist and losers, tell that to those who have lost a loved one or loved ones since the last attack, and the attack before that, and the attack before that. In so many years, nothing has changed, maybe nothing will. Perhaps nothing ever will, and things will never get better. I find that so sad. Sad that there will be more bombings, shootings, stabbings, and acid attacks on innocent people just going about their daily routine. We could all exist to help each other in this short life, but we don't. We could all help everybody else live a life that little more safe, comfortable, and enjoyable, but we won’t. The many will ignore and stay blind to the fact that the world is dying, and sadly, humans are the ones that are helping it on its painstaking journey to suicide.