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The Mother of all Things

Book one

A traumatic event and the break-up of her marriage returns Elaine to her childhood home where she embarks on renovating the run-down farmhouse as she reconnects with her mother and entertains her two children over the summer holidays.

Terrifying nightmares, the stirring of memories long forgotten, and eerie happenings at the house, suggest her imagination is getting the better of her, until confronted by an intruder and things spiral out of control.

A missing policeman, a suspicious psychiatrist, and an old adversary add to her escalating tension. When she wakes up covered in blood next to the body of a masked man, Elaine must fight for her sanity, facing demons both past and present.

Unless it’s too late.

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Godless Creatures

Book Two

Three years have passed and life has slowly returned to normal in the aftermath of the tragic events at Sablefall Farm. Elaine and Harper exact their brutal vengeance against those responsible for the crimes against them. Their final retribution goes awry and DCI Baxendale is closing in.

Elaine hires former investigative journalist Lenny Grey to track down the man who killed her son eight years earlier. When a detective friend reaches out following the discovery of two dead boys, they suspect they’re looking for the same killer. It soon becomes apparent they are dealing with something far more sinister than they imagined.

With another young boy missing and events taking a dark turn, Elaine, Harper, Lenny and Tom form an unlikely alliance to stop the depraved child killer.

Godless Creature bookcover.png

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A Whisper Away From Evil

Book Three

A car accident in Kent on a miserable December night turns out to be anything but ordinary for Detective Inspector Harry Baxendale. One fatality, a missing teenager, and a girl in the hospital who has escaped the clutches of an international serial killer.

Harry and Police Constable Lucy Fenton attempt to uncover the truth surrounding the collision. As the body count rises, the pressure mounts to find the culprit among a broad list of suspects.

Grieving the death of his girlfriend, Lenny Grey reluctantly becomes embroiled in DI Baxendale’s investigation. The discovery of a teenage girl in a Kent graveyard leads him to Canada to uncover why a string of recent murders has been brought to light by the deaths of twin sisters in the eighteenth century.


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